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10 Things to say yes to - Jane Travis

10 Things to say yes to


That's how many hours there are in a week, and chances are you feel there aren't enough.  So much to do, busy busy busy, work and commitments and 101 other tasks swallow​ them up. 

Busy.  But bored.  ​

How many of those 168 hours are for you?  To have fun, enjoy yourself, relax and recharge, care for yourself and socialise?  ​

It's time to start saying yes!​

Here are 10 things to say yes to now to improve your life 


10 things to say yes to

1.  A duvet day.  

Weekends are supposed to be about time off, fun and recharging batteries, but it's easy for weekends to become a time for more work, or a to do list full of chores.  

Ok yes, there will be household tasks to be done, but from time to time it's really great to have a duvet day - a pyjama day, door locked and relaxing, binge watching netflix or diving into that great book you've been meaning to start.  Do it, without guilt.  The world won't stop turning, I promise!

2.  Amish hour.

I got this idea from Neville Medhora HERE - every night, an hour before you want to sleep turn off all electronic devices.  That's phone, tablet, TV​.  You'll sleep better, and be extra perky the next day.  Gotta be worth a try. 

3.  A proper lunch break.

​How many times do you have a proper lunch break - you know, where you actually leave your desk and turn your work off for a bit?  

Well done if you do, because it seems that lunch breaks are a dying activity, with only 1 on 5 of us partaking.  

Work pressures mean we often skip a proper break, telling ourselves that we can eat and work, but even just 15-20 minutes is proven to sustain concentration and energy, and boost creativity. 

So really, skipping a proper lunch break is a false economy leaving us more tired, having less energy and reduced creativity.  

4.  do something new

The comfort zone is a brilliant​ thing.  Safe, secure. And it can be tempting to stick with what we know in life. 

However, it can also become a very dull and staid place.  

​So I challenge you to do something different every day this week.  It could be as simple as eating new foods/trying new recipes, to starting a new activity or club, enrolling in a dating site or booking a break.  

Reflect on what you'd like to do, and make it happen, it'll do you good!  So grab some extra excitement and banish boredom!​

And in the words of Susan Jeffers 'Feel the fear and do it anyway'!

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there - Jane Travis

5.  Accept help

​It can be really hard to accept help from others, can't it?  There's the worry that you're being a burden, or that they might get fed up with you, or you might be an inconvenience. 

But you know how it feels good helping people?  Other people feel that too, and by not asking for help you deny them the chance to feel that. 

Friendships are a 2 way street, give and take.  ​As a people pleaser, you keep yourself stuck when you don't ask for or accept help from others.  

6.  Adventures

Go on an adventure!  It could be somewhere local you haven't explored, or a trip further afield. All travel is good, it helps to broaden the mind, offers new perspectives and is an opportunity to learn.  

Is there somewhere you have always wanted to visit?  Get your diary out and make a date to go there. ​

7.  Things you enjoy

Maybe you loved horses as a child and ​still love them now.  Maybe you loved art and drawing, but haven't done it for ages.  Maybe you love playing an instrument, but it's just gathering dust now.  Or maybe you always loved football, or hockey, or golf.  

In our busy busy lives, it is easy for these pleasures to become things of the past.  But what is life without it's simple pleasures?  ​

Just because you are busy doesn't mean you can't do these things.  Take a read of 'How to find time for self care in 3 simple steps' for how to schedule these into your life, and start enjoying them again.​

8.  A coffee with someone you don't know

​Did you ever say no to a coffee with a potential new friend because of shyness?  Or declined the chance to be social because of lack of confidence?

I can soooo understand this, I was painfully shy when I was younger and in social situations my mind would go completely blank and I wouldn't be able to think of a single word to say, much to my horror. 

The good news is with a little planning and some conversation starter ideas under your belt, you'll soon find common ground and be chatting like old friends in no time.

Take a look at  these 11 surprisingly simple steps to master small talk and make some new friends. 

How to rock at small talk, even if you're painfully shy - infographic, by Jane Travis

9.  A day off 'just because'​

It's the end of the company leave year and you have leave to use or lose.  What a waste!  

I used to do this every year!  Save my leave just in case - in case I had the chance to go on holiday or be whisked away by some handsome prince charming.  

Sadly, I saved my leave for no reason <sniff>. 

So take a day off 'just because', and enjoy it.  ​

​10. Delicious food

​Life really is too short to live without a little bit of what you fancy, and it it most definitely does you good.  I'm a massive advocate  of intuitive eating, which involves getting back in touch with your bodys needs and listening to it's hunger and fullness cues.  In 'Why eating like a toddler will help you lose weight' you'll see what I mean.  

So don't deny yourself the pleasure of beautiful food, it really will do you good. ​

Life is about balance, and if your life is light on fun, then say yes to change.

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