How To Feel Special Every Single Day - Jane Travis - Self Care for Busy Women
How to feel special every single day - Jane Travis

Is it possible to feel special every day?  Yes!

I love the aroma of fresh coffee beans.  

I mean really love it. 

So when Susie Carlisle from The Lincoln Tea and Coffee Company gave a presentation about her business at a networking event and passed around a selection of her products, I was in hogs heaven.

As I happily immersed myself into its deep, rich aroma, I listened to Susie talking about the relationship she and her family has with coffee (and tea) and the almost ceremonial importance placed on making a pot.  

I always smile at the Britishness of a cuppa, and how it's mystical properties are the cure to any and all of lifes mishaps.   

She went on to say how we would be HORRIFIED if we went to a cafe and were served instant coffee, yet the majority of us do that at home.  That's so true!

It made me wonder...


If I adore fresh coffee so much, and making a pot of fresh coffee fills the house with the aroma I can't get enough of, why am I not doing it?

​'Well it costs more', I say, trying to justify it.  

But that's nonsense, as making a pot of coffee really doesn't cost much at all, probably a quarter of the price I pay for one cup when I go out - coupled with the fact I have some in my cupboard, and if I don't use it, it will go off. 

'Instant is more convenient'.  

Well, actually the machine I have is simple - water in, coffee in, switch on.  Boiling the kettle each time is actually less convenient.  ​

'It's a treat I save for best'​. 

Aah, now we're getting somewhere.  It's a treat, something to share with friends on a special occasion.  It's not just for me to use on a daily basis, that would be wasting it.  

(Because I'm not special enough). 

Woah - what was that?  You aren't special enough to ​drink quality coffee?

We do it with other things too 

Do you have a drawer full of fancy candles, or a cupboard with toiletries given as gifts, or new shoes 'for best' that you haven't had the occasion to wear yet, or luxurious lingerie?  

In time, the candles lose their scent, the toiletries go off and the shoes go out of fashion, and maybe the lingerie no longer fits.

So why wait?  

​Are you really not special enough to drink the coffee you adore, use the gifts people buy or wear shoes that you love?  You already have them, it won't cost you anything

Do it.  Do it NOW!  

Raid your cupboards and find the treasures you have lurking in there.  Get pleasure out of them while they are at their best, otherwise they will have been wasted.   

How would it feel if you used these things on a daily basis?  Simple, everyday treats that make you feel special in small but noticeable ways.  ​

Don't save things 'for best' - use them now!  Life's simple pleasures make you feel special!

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Make fresh coffee, use the scented body lotion, wear those shoes​.  Because it makes you feel special, which is basic self care, and if you need to increase your self care, start my 21 day self care challenge - it's free!

And that's the only reason you need​

p.s.  I am writing this with a cup of freshly made coffee beside me!

What simple everyday luxuries do you have in your life? ​ I'd love to know - please, share in the comments below.

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