Your 4 step plan for an amazing weekend - Jane Travis - Self Care for Busy Women
Your 4 step plan for an amazing weekend - Jane Travis

Does the weekend pass you by?

Do you know what 'hump day' is?  Well, it's Wednesday, but affectionately referred to as hump day because it signifies the weekend is in sight. 

Imagine the week as a hill:

Monday and Tuesday are a hard, uphill slog - recovering from the weekend, getting out of bed early and going back to a life of work and responsibility, duty and obligation, restraint and professionalism and being a grown up, all heavy lifting and seriousness​. 

Happy hump day - the 4 step plan for an amazing weekend - Jane Travis

But Wednesday is when you reach the peak of the hill and can look around and the weekend's in sight!  Now, it's all downhill to the weekend, and easy stroll and the promise of a rest. ​


The weekend - a time for chores?

​Aah, weekends!  That delicious anticipation of no alarm clock screeching you awake, and the oh so civilized weekend lazy brunch.  Wonderful.  

But is that the reality of your weekends?

​Does your weekend get frittered away in a dull grey cloud of chores, housework, laundry, supermarket shopping, cleaning and comittment?

Or maybe it becomes an extension of the working week, with you working from home to get caught up or to meet a deadline.

Perhaps the weekend will turn up like a like an unexpected guest you hadn't anticipated, leaving you scrambling about for something to do, and wishing you'd made more of an effort as you veg out on the sofa watching TV ( don't get me wrong, a planned Netflix binge day can be a wonderful and indulgent delight, but watching TV because you're bored and don't know what to do is a different thing entirely).

​Maybe you're too busy to enjoy your weekend?  If you are, then you should definitely read this.

The weekend is a precious oasis in a week of restraint

The weekend is a precious oasis in a week of restraint. Try my 2 step plan for a fab #weekend 

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Do you want to reclaim your weekend?

​The interesting thing about weekends is they happen every week.  I mean, like clockwork.  So although you KNOW that after Friday comes Saturday and Sunday, they have a habit of taking us unawares and sneaking up on us when we don't have any plans.  

And the weekends also have a mystical property - they mess with time.  Yes, the weekend days are a lot shorter that weekday days, which means they zip past in the blink of an eye, so you have to grab them and hold on tight, have your wits about you or they escape like warm sand through your fingers.  

Let's reclaim the weekend, make them spectacular again.  Use them wisely , because this quote is very true:​

Lillian Dickson quote - life is like a coin

Reclaim your weekend with this 4 step plan for fun!

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Your 4 step plan for an amazing weekend

1.  What commitments do you have

The first step is to check what commitments you have that you can't escape.  This may be a wedding, a birthday, a pre planned event of some sort.  Work out what time will it take up, and what time do you have around it that's just for you.

2.  What would you like to do?​

Take a few moments to think.  

Would you like to​:

  • Relax and recharge
  • Find fun and adventure
  • Have time alone to chill 
  • Get together with friends
  • Indulge in crafts and hobbies
  • DIY

3.  Preparation

What do you have to do to make this happen?  

For example:​

  • Do you need to crack on with housework and chores now to leave your weekend free?
  • Do you need to buy anything?
  • Do you need to contact friends?
  • Do you need to book something - a tennis court, a table for dinner, a massage?

4.  ENJOY!!

How simple was that?!

So every hump day spend a few moments thinking about what you want for your weekend, and how you can make it happen.  

And whatever you decide to do - have a good one, and take very good care of yourself!

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