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The power of music, and how to use it - Jane Travis

what would your music library it tell me about you?

Well, it would give me clues about your age, your past, what your parents may have liked, whether you are a happy person, a deep person, an angry person or a fun person.  

And when meeting someone new, discovering you like the same music is a great way to connect.

There's something about music, isn't there, that speaks to the soul.  It reflects our mood, and it affects our mood with almost mystical properties. 

How can you use this to your advantage?


Whether on the car radio, at a party, love songs or the lyrics that understand heartbreak after a painful break up, we love music.  

Music is an emotional stimulant

​I remember a young me at the start of my journey into adulthood listening to music. It spoke to me, like the artist understood what I was feeling.  Feelings of confusion, loneliness, disappointment and rejection were rife in my teenage years. 

Music also becomes a part of personality, and the young me dabbled in it all whilst trying out different ​identities.  I had spells of being punk, rock, new romantic, disco.  It speaks to those different parts of us that make up what we are.  

Music has mystical properties that take us on a time travelling journey, returning us to times gone by and connecting us to places and people we may not have thought about for years. 

The teenage disco, your first kiss, that amazing holiday, the oh so painful break up all stored for you in the notes of a song, just waiting to be released ready to transport you back, memories locked away that you weren't aware you had access to. ​

Music is the closest thing to time travel we currently have

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Ad did you know that Music Makes You A Better Person?

How to use music to your advantage?

How often do you listen to music so intently now? Rarely, I guess. Music is now a backing track to our busy lives, enjoyed but not fully appreciated.

Music has a direct link with our emotions, which has been the object of many studies, and this can be used to your advantage.

To alter your mood:​

  • When you're sad but your tears are blocked, an emotional song can make them flow, which as you know can be enormously cleansing.
  • If you feel down and want cheering up, it can raise your mood.
  • If you feel unmotivated, a rousing song will get you going again
  • If you're in the mood for love, music can be a powerful aphrodisiac 

What you chose to listen to can also be used to understand yourself.  If you are a people pleaser for example, you may hide your feelings from the world because it's your job to care for others and you don't want to be a burden. (Nonsense of course, you aren't a burden)

The world might see you as a happy, jolly person without a care in the world, but what you listen to may reveal something else:

  • If what you listen to is predominantly sad, you may have unresolved grief or loss
  • If what you listen to is predominantly angry, you may be holding on to anger and resentment

Music is an emotional stimulant, use this to your advantage #stress 

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Music is such a personal thing. Even the most ardent people pleaser has their favorites, whether jazz, country, disco, rock, indie, pop. It's a part of you, a reflection of you and although you may be temporarily influenced by those around you, the music you choose when on your own is a selection unique to you. 

This is worth exploring in your journal 

Where words fail, music speaks  - Jane Travis

​Music is more readily available than ever before. Amazon Prime (with a 30 day free trial) and Spotify (availabe free or paid, though the free version has annoying adverts) have millions of songs instantly available and you can devise your own playlists.

So why not make it a mission to set up some playlists, and then turn off the TV and other distractions, pop in some headphones and listen, really listen.  Immerse yourself into the sound, connect with it and with the emotions and memories it brings, then reflect on it in your journal

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How to start a journal - Jane Travis

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