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How to be FABULOUS! - Jane Travis (1)

The Psychology Of Being Fabulous

This was a night out that had been months in the planning.  

Spirits, along with heels, hems and hair, were high.  The collective volume - also high. ​

Let's take a look at two of the girls in the group:

Why eating like a toddler will help you lose weight - Jane Travis

Why Eating Like A Toddler Will Help You Lose Weight

No, I don't mean smear spaghetti on your face and wear a pelican bib!

If you observe a child - let's call her Flossie - you will know that she only eats when her tummy tells her to.

If you try offering her something when she's not hungry, not only is she not interested, she is not very pleased that you disturbed her game (and rightly so, these bricks won't build themselves...)

Flossie also stops when she has had enough.  

It doesn't matter that you spent an hour cooking, or are in an expensive restaurant, she simply doesn't care.

Flossie is very happy with this arrangement.

Flossies mum, on the other hand, is less happy...