Jane Travis - Self care for people pleasers

Self care for people pleasers

You're kind, caring,always there when needed and available to lend a hand or give support.  

You selflessly put the needs of others before your own, yet never ask for help.  

A 'people pleaser',  you just want others to be happy but have become tired, exhausted, overwhelmed and lost. 

sound's familiar?

Looking after your own needs and caring for yourself isn't selfish, it's necessary - but you already know that don't you?  

What you don't know is how to actually go about it without feeling selfish, or guilty, or hurting other people's feelings.  

I work with 'people pleasers' just like you, the givers of this world and show you how to find balance, take as well as give and form boundaries to protect yourself from those that would take too much.  

I'll show you how to take the theory out of self care.

Jane Travis

I'm Jane Travis 

I've been in the business of helping women - women just like you -  feel better about themselves since 2005.   Hundreds of different women, with hundreds of different issues. 

Good, kind women who have been givers all their lives, but have become lost, swamped by the needs of others. 

 Women who are exhausted and feel invisible, unheard.  

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