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The Art Of Receiving Compliments - Jane Travis

The Art Of Receiving Compliments

Wrapped in white paper with a silver, hand tied ribbon on it, it looked just beautiful.

Flossie smiled and felt a twinge of delight when she anticipated giving the beautifully wrapped gift to her friend, hoping she'd like it​.  

She know her friend had worked hard at a project, and this gift would let her know her hard work was appreciated. 

​She smiled at her friend and said 'this is for you'

How not to say no - Jane Travis

How Not To Say No

There's an art to saying no.  A right way, and a wrong way.  

When you get it right, it makes life so much easier: less stress, more free time, no conflict, no anxiety. 

But get it wrong....​

How to be FABULOUS! - Jane Travis (1)

The Psychology Of Being Fabulous

This was a night out that had been months in the planning.  

Spirits, along with heels, hems and hair, were high.  The collective volume - also high. ​

Let's take a look at two of the girls in the group:

Embrace your quirky - Jane Travis

Embrace your quirky!

Do you love your individuality?

I have a love/hate relationship with spell check and auto correct. 

On word documents (and when writing blog posts) I think it's a great invention. It quickly highlights typos and helps to stop me looking daft.  

That first sentence I wrote, for example was auto corrected so show me that auto correct is not one word.  

That last sentence I wrote?  It reminded me that sentence is spelled sentEnce not sentAnce.  

And that it's 'spelled' not 'spelt'

 See?  Invaluable. 

When text messaging on my phone it's a whole other story.  

How to feel special every single day - Jane Travis

How To Feel Special Every Single Day

Is it possible to feel special every day?  Yes!

I love the aroma of fresh coffee beans.  

I mean really love it. 

So when Susie Carlisle from The Lincoln Tea and Coffee Company gave a presentation about her business at a networking event and passed around a selection of her products, I was in hogs heaven.

As I happily immersed myself into its deep, rich aroma, I listened to Susie talking about the relationship she and her family has with coffee (and tea) and the almost ceremonial importance placed on making a pot.  

I always smile at the Britishness of a cuppa, and how it's mystical properties are the cure to any and all of lifes mishaps.   

She went on to say how we would be HORRIFIED if we went to a cafe and were served instant coffee, yet the majority of us do that at home.  That's so true!

It made me wonder...

How self care STOPS you being selfish!

How Self Care Stops You Being Selfish

    Imagine if you will a little girl - let's call her Flossie - skipping to school one sunny morning without a care in the world. 

    As she skips past a bus stop, she notices something shiny on the ground. ​

    Screeching to a halt a grim of delight lights up her face - a £2 coin lays on the floor and there is no one around to claim it​!

    Now Flossie is an honest little girl, but with no one around to return the money to or hand it in to, she quickly picks it up and runs as fast as her little legs will carry her to the sweet shop.

    ​She spends all the money on sweets - sweets which are usually rationed to her.  She leaves the shop with the biggest bag of sweets she had ever seen in her life!

    Such a happy day, until...​

Why eating like a toddler will help you lose weight - Jane Travis

Why Eating Like A Toddler Will Help You Lose Weight

No, I don't mean smear spaghetti on your face and wear a pelican bib!

If you observe a child - let's call her Flossie - you will know that she only eats when her tummy tells her to.

If you try offering her something when she's not hungry, not only is she not interested, she is not very pleased that you disturbed her game (and rightly so, these bricks won't build themselves...)

Flossie also stops when she has had enough.  

It doesn't matter that you spent an hour cooking, or are in an expensive restaurant, she simply doesn't care.

Flossie is very happy with this arrangement.

Flossies mum, on the other hand, is less happy...

Why willpower doesn't work - Jane Travis

Why Willpower Doesn’t Work – And What Does

The elation I felt driving past the gym was short lived.  So was the delight I felt ordering my takeaway.  

Once again, my willpower had failed me.  The new me - the slimmer, fitter, stronger and more in control one - had lasted a grand total of two and a half days, and ended in spectacular fashion.

And with a full tummy and a clean gym kit taunting me, I felt bad.  Guilty, weak, a failure.  

Does that sound at all familiar?  

Well I have some good news for you - it's not your fault!  Willpower is rubbish and simply doesn't work for the vast majority of people. ​

If your good intentions frequently turn into ‘I’ll do it tomorrow's' or half finished projects, then I have a secret to share with you...

The power of self reflection - Jane Travis

The Power Of Self Reflection

Do you remember how we were promised 4 day working weeks and oodles more leisure time? Working from home, on the patio in the sunshine.  Being able to fit work in around lunch with the girls and trips to the gym?

Well, seems they were lying.