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New Year Resolutions

​New year resolutions: because January simply doesn't feel bleak enough!

Now I'm not against making new year resolutions, but I am against the punishing nature of most of them: give up something you enjoy, or starting to do something you don't.  

Pah!  It should be the other way around!

I mean come on, is that how you want your year to be, denying or punishing yourself?

I prefer something a little more gentle, a little more kind. Something more to do with empowerment, self love, acceptance.

So here are some new year resolutions to make you feel good.


New Year, New You?

Do you have to make a new year resolution to be a 'new you'?

That's kind of assuming there's something wrong with the old you, and there isn't - you're bloody fabulous!​

Personal development is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't mean you have to re-build yourself from scratch.

No, it means you have a curiosity to learn, an open mind and a willingness to improve.  

It's like updating your computer.  

It's about being the best version of you.  

It's not about punishing yourself for the bits you don't like, it's about acknowledging them, accepting them and working out what you want to do differently. 

Take these 2 statements:

A. I'm really rubbish at baking cupcakes, they're always so dense and flat.  

B. I love making cupcakes, but I can't seem to make them very light. ​

Can you see how in B, ​they are curious how they can improve, but A seems resigned to not being able to change?

You are not a problem to be fixed

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Before you start:

When making new year resolutions, it's important to be specific about what you're hoping to achieve.  For example, 'this year I'm going to take better care of myself' doesn't mean anything - how? In what way? How will I know I've achieved it?

So make it clear what you want to achieve, or how will you know if you're succeeding?

1. Food

Starting a diet at this time of year is such a punishing thing to do. You're already feeling fed up, and now you want to restrict your eating too?

Although I understand the sentiment behind it, stop for a moment and think. Most people put on a couple of pounds over the silly season, it's pretty normal, and chances are you're not too happy about it.

But starting a diet now just highlights this, and means you're more likely to go down the 'feeling guilty' route.  'OMG I put on 4lbs, I feel so guilty'. 

Guilty for enjoying delicious food over a feast time? That seems a bit of a waste to me. 

You may be tempted to say 'I'm going to start eating healthily' but as I said above, that's too wishy washy, it means nothing.

So if you want your new year resolution to be around your eating habits, try concentrating on doing something positive, like making sure you eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.  

Or starting 'Meat Free Mondays'​

Or only have takeaways once a week/month​

Or start to eat mindfully.  Try this:

  • Firstly, take your raisin into the palm of your hand and look at it. See the light and shade, the wrinkles.
  • Then, touch it. What does it feel like? It it hard, soft? How does it feel to roll it in your fingers? ​
  • Next, put the raisin to your ear and roll it between your thumb and finger.  Notice what sound it makes.
  • Now, hold it to your nose and take in the scent.  Does it bring up any memories? 
  • Finally, taste it. First, lick it with the tip of your tongue, then place it on your tongue and hold it there.  What's it like if you suck it?  Or take it between your teeth and nibble it?  And after you've explored it, eat it, slowly, and savor the taste. 

If you don't have or don't like raisins, try a small piece of cheese, or chocolate. 

Eating mindfully i.e. really noticing your food brings around a whole new appreciation of what you eat, and has the added benefit of naturally eating less, because you feel more satisfied.  So turn off the TV, eat slowly and savor the taste.​

However, I don't recommend a complete ban on certain foods.  'I'm giving up chocolate' just brings me out in a cold sweat - why deny yourself something you love?  

Adapt it to 'when I eat chocolate, I'm going to eat it mindfully'.  This means you can eat it, but you have to give it your full attention so you'll really appreciate and enjoy it.  You'll naturally reduce the amount you eat, you won't feel like you're denying yourself something - in fact, it makes it more luxurious! 

Don't diet this January, eat #mindfully, & appreciate every mouthful 

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2. Exercise​

I hate the 'E' word!  

When I think of exercise, I visualize row upon row of sweaty, red faced people in a gym, like a scene from the Matrix.  ​

I prefer the 'A' word - activity.  Being active can mean ​doing any number of things: Walking the dog - take it somewhere new (if you don't have one, check out Borrow My Doggy, where you can borrow one), gardening, dancing, ice skating, climbing...and they all sound like cool, fun, interesting things to do!  

Here's a worksheet to use for inspiration - it's free and you don't have to sign up for anything. ​

You'll receive a Google Worksheet called 'Leisure Activities'.

Just press "File" then "Make a copy." You will then have your own copy to modify.

I have listed 30 activities for inspiration.Get yourself a drink and set a timer for 15 minutes.

Delete the activities you have no interest ​in and replace with as many leisure activities as you can think of. Don't limit yourself, just write it down.

Think of sports, activities, things done alone, things done with others, creative things, relaxing things, stimulating things. ​

Then, fill in the rest of the columns.

All you need to do now is choose something to start with, and if you have an activity which costs more, you can plan how to make it happen.

So if you really love going to the gym, then carry on and enjoy!  But if you hate it, find an activity you enjoy and do that instead.

3. Write

If you know me at all, you'll know I'm a massive advocate of journaling so mentioning it here won't surprise you!

Starting a journal has many benefits, so get started today, and if you don't know where to start I have a step by step guide for you, just CLICK HERE for more details.

Journaling can help you:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve self esteem
  • Understand relationships
  • Increase self care
  • End self sabotage
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Identify problems
  • Increase motivation
  • Discover strengths
  • Silence self criticism
  • Uncover behaviour patterns

Journaling is an amazing activity and makes a phenominal new year resolution as it’s so positive and empowering, so grab a notebook and get started, or for some extra inspiration, join me in Jumpstart Into Journaling, a 14 day mini course which starts 1st January 2017, check it out...

How to start a journal - Jane Travis

Jumpstart Into Journaling is a 14 day mini course that starts 1st january 2017

If you're interested in journaling but don't know where to start, or you've tried it but given up because you've not known what to write, then Jumpstart Into Journaling is for you.

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​4. Stimulate your mind

It's easy to get stale, doing the same thing day in, day out, so change things up a bit and learn something new.  ​

If you've always fancied learning to cook Indian food, or starting a blog, or a different language, or how to sew - now's a great time to make it happen. ​

5. Self Care Challenge

Take my 21 day self care challenge.  Not only is it fun and effective, it's totally free! Take a look below and sign up - you've got nothing to lose! ​

Free self care challenge - Jane Travis

Take my FREE 21 day Self Care Challenge, designed to kick start you into prioritizing your wellbeing and starting a regular self care habit.

Written assuming you're busy and on a budget, it's simple, highly effective and fun!

6. Volunteer​

You can get a real feel good hit by starting to do some volunteering.  It's something new for you, it helps the community and you get to connect with others.  

A quick google search with bring up volunteering opportunities in your area. ​

A word about willpower

​No willpower?  No problem, you don't need it!  

If you don't make 'all or nothing' resolutions like giving something up you don't need willpower, you can use another power - Take a read of 'Why willpower doesn't work - and what does

​So here are 6 new year resolutions that are good for you, empowering and positive.  

What change do you want to make this year?

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