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How to spot a liar, and 7 resources to protect yourself - Jane Travis

How To Spot A Liar (with 7 resources to help protect yourself)

​Did you watch House, the TV series about the grouchy, sarcastic, Vicodin gorging genius doctor?  If you didn't, I'd highly recommend it.

I loved it. I loved each of the 177 episodes. And I loved Dr Gregory (Hugh Laurie) House MD (or DGHLHMD for short).

He comes out with some amazing one liners, but the one he's most known for is:

It's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies’ 

(Or ‘everybody lies’ for short).


11 Surprisingly Simple Steps To Master Small Talk – Even If You’re Painfully Shy!

I like people, and I like talking.  So why does thought of small talk make me break out in a cold sweat and want to hide in the cupboard?

Well, it's the inane chitter chatter, the pleasantries, the polite prattle that I hate.  It's the conversational equivalent of twitter - no chance to get stuck into a conversation about anything important or interesting. 

That, and the fact I am RUBBISH at small talk!  My mind goes blank, I say something wildly inappropriate, I stutter and laugh loudly, snorting for good measure,  Then, I quietly die inside as I wait for the floor to swallow me up, which it NEVER does, just proving that floors are evil.  

If you can relate to any of that nonsense, keep reading:

Trust Me, I'm Lying - Jane Travis

Trust Me, I’m Lying!

Is your mum the font of all wisdom, with a wise word for all occasions? 

Mine wasn't.  She wasn't the 'wise woman of the village' kind.  

However, there was one really useful thing she shared with me, and it pops into my head like a red flag every time it happens, so I want to share it with you.

How To Have The Christmas You Really Want - Jane Travis

How To Have The Christmas You Really Want

Christmas.  Huh.  Good God.  What is it good for?  

Sorry, that should say war, not Christmas.  Oops!

But you know, there are times Christmas can feel a bit like war, with rivalries, family politics, oneupmanship, anger, grief, blood, sweat and tears. 

So with only THIS MANY days till Christmas, how can you make this the Christmas of your dreams?

7 Blogs That Teach How To Say No - Jane Travis

7 Blogs That Teach How To Say No

Saying no effectively is a skill, and there are lots of ways to say no, and the good news is - learning how to say no is a skill that can be learned

You probably already know that you should say no, but somehow ​you've still not managed to master the skill of how to say no in a way that's comfortable for you. 

There are some great articles about saying no around the interwebz, but some seem to be a bit gung ho and don't take into account how difficult it can be for us people pleasers of the world to 'just say no'.

So here are 7 of the best blogs around that share ways to say no.  


The Art Of Receiving Compliments - Jane Travis

The Art Of Receiving Compliments

Wrapped in white paper with a silver, hand tied ribbon on it, it looked just beautiful.

Flossie smiled and felt a twinge of delight when she anticipated giving the beautifully wrapped gift to her friend, hoping she'd like it​.  

She know her friend had worked hard at a project, and this gift would let her know her hard work was appreciated. 

​She smiled at her friend and said 'this is for you'

How not to say no - Jane Travis

How Not To Say No

There's an art to saying no.  A right way, and a wrong way.  

When you get it right, it makes life so much easier: less stress, more free time, no conflict, no anxiety. 

But get it wrong....​

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