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How to create a morning routine to kick start you day - Jane Travis

How to create a morning routine to kick start your day

Do you have a morning routine?

How many times do you press the snooze button before you get up in the morning, putting off the inevitable getting out of bed and starting the day to the last minute possible?

Having just a little too much ​time in bed before emerging and then having to rush.  

Ignoring your grumbling tummy, contemplating if you can get away without showering, your hair sulking and hoping no one notices that you didn't iron your clothes. 

Mornings - love 'em or hate 'em, every day has one, so if you're not a morning person, starting every day feeling tired, grouchy, grumpy, stressed and rushed will have a significant impact on your day.  

So if you are more of an owl than a lark, keep reading because I'm going to share 13 ways to make your mornings a delight.

Managing emotions when the unthinkable happens - Jane Travis

Managing emotions when the unthinkable happens

'Have you seen the news today, mum?' said my son.

My heart sank - what now?  What new horror has happened in the world?

Today, I watch the news in disbelief, my head swimming as I hear about a truck being deliberately driven into innocent people in Nice, just the latest of a series of horrendous acts of terror, civil unrest and war.

How can I possibly cope with more horror? 

Scared of being rejected- Try this! - Jane Travis

Scared of being rejected? Try this!

Are you scared of being rejected? 

Being rejected is a bummer.  I mean, it's a slap on the face, a kick in the teeth and leaves you feeling lost, abandoned and deserted.  

​How do I know?

How to help when someone cries - Jane Travis

How to help when someone cries

How do you react when someone cries?

Imagine this: while visiting a friend and while chatting about this and that they tell you about something that’s upset them, and you see the tears welling up in their eyes.

What do you do when someone cries?

I’ll tell you...

How to stop over apologising - Jane Travis

How to stop over apologising

Stop over apologising!

If someone bumps into you and you hear yourself say sorry, then this post is for you!  

Apologising means we are acknowledging our faults or shortcomings, or admitting blame. If we are at fault then apologising is definitely the thing to do.

But over apologising is saying sorry when you haven't done anything wrong.  

Why are you ready to accept blame or responsibility so readily? And what are the consequences?  I'll tell you...

When saying no to people isn't enough - Jane Travis

When saying no to people isn’t enough

when did saying no politely stop being enough?

Yesterday, I was almost force fed cake.  

Okay, there may be worse ways to go.  But if you've ever been visiting someone and having coffee, and they offer you cake, you'll know how difficult saying no to people can be.  ​

I'm not a big fan of cake and I just didn't want any but it seems refusing cake is simply not an option

I was brought up to be polite, and I bet you were too.  Saying please and thank you, excuse me and may I.  Be respectful, don't offend, don't be cheeky.  

So when I am offered cake at a friends house and I don't want it, I very politely decline:

'Would you like some cake, Jane?'

'No, thank you' I say.  Text book manners.  My mum would be so proud.

But then this happened!

Making Healthy Boundaries - Jane Travis

Making healthy boundaries

What are boundaries?

This is a quote from a TV programme: 

'The truth is like a toothbrush - you only share it with people you trust'.

And I thought 'Eew!! I'd NEVER share a toothbrush! EVEEERRRRR!!!!!!'

But some people do, and they don't mind doing it!

Which is fine, we're all different​, and we all have different boundaries.  The trick is KNOWING those boundaries and enforcing them, so when someone visits me and has forgotten their toothbrush, they will get a firm 'EEW NO - GROSS!!!!!' when they ask to borrow mine!

​Knowing how I feel about sharing my toothbrush is clear, but how do I work out other boundaries in life?

Your 4 step plan for an amazing weekend - Jane Travis

Your 4 step plan for an amazing weekend

Does the weekend pass you by?

Do you know what 'hump day' is?  Well, it's Wednesday, but affectionately referred to as hump day because it signifies the weekend is in sight. 

Imagine the week as a hill:

Monday and Tuesday are a hard, uphill slog - recovering from the weekend, getting out of bed early and going back to a life of work and responsibility, duty and obligation, restraint and professionalism and being a grown up, all heavy lifting and seriousness​. 

Happy hump day - the 4 step plan for an amazing weekend - Jane Travis

But Wednesday is when you reach the peak of the hill and can look around and the weekend's in sight!  Now, it's all downhill to the weekend, and easy stroll and the promise of a rest. ​

Self care quotes to motivate and inspire - Jane Travis

Self care quotes to motivate and inspire

Quotes to inspire self care

We see lot's of inspirational quotes on social media.  Sometimes, they are of thought provoking messages, like: 

Self care quote - Jane Travis

​Which is true - if you put yourself last, others are likely to put you last too. 

Should people respect you and hold you in high esteem anyway?  Yes.  Do they?  Nah, so you need to show them how it's done, and that you won't accept anything less

​But some that don't seem to have been thought through properly, and can have the opposite effect and make people feel worse.


Are you giving too much? Here's how to find balance

Are you giving too much?

how do you know if you're giving too much?

There's a new guy at school.  He's lonely and desperate for friends but a bit shy and awkward, but his parents are wealthy - let's call him Richy Rich.  He uses his money to buy friends, giving sweets, gifts, paying for things, buy buy buy, and giving too much.

The result?  Richy has more people around him.

But are they friends?  What if the money dries up, will they return the favor and ​share what they have?