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12 Things I've Learned in 12 Years as a Counsellor

12 Things I’ve learned in 12 years as a counsellor

Did you ever wonder what a counsellor learns from their clients?

Well I'll tell you! 

I'd like to share a post I wrote 2 years ago!  It's a look at what I've learned in 10 years of counselling/psychotherapy practice - but I've updated it, as it's now 12 years!  I hope you find it useful

Finding time for yourself - Jane Travis

Finding Time For Yourself

How often do you get time for yourself?

You've been counting down to your next day off because you plan on a day of total indulgence, which includes locking the door and having a book/bath/wine/malteser combo, followed by binge watching something (anything) on Netflix.

​Possibly squeezing in a nap too because, well, just because you can. 

You're desperate to take a day out as you've been crazy busy and feel stressed, and you know you're starting to get burnt out and frazzled.  

But your friend rings.  

Her boyfriend recently dumped her and shes feeling down, and ' fancy a shopping trip as a treat - to cheer me up?'


What do you do?​

How to overcome loneliness - Jane Travis (1)

How To Overcome Loneliness

7 Ways to overcome loneliness

We all have periods of loneliness, it's normal and a part of the human condition. 

But what if you​ feel lonely all the time?  

Maybe friendships have faded away and left you without a circle of friends, or you have friends but they don't understand you and you feel on the outside, disconnected. 

So what is loneliness, why is it important to overcome it and why is it common with people pleasers?​

Lets find out, and discover 7 ways to overcome loneliness and make meaningful connections.

Why I Hate Valentines Day - Jane Travis

Why I Hate Valentines day (and 5 ways to enjoy it)

It's started - Valentines day presents advertised all over the media, cards filling up the supermarket shelves and teddy bears holding big red love hearts declaring 'you're special' or 'you're lovely' or 'you're sexy' at the tills.  

I look at them and am reminded how I might have liked a teddy when I was 14. Since then, not so much.   

​Okay, I'll admit it - my name is Jane, and I hate Valentines day.  

Here's why. 

Why you shouldn't say should - jane Travis

Why You Shouldn’t Say Should

Do you do things because you 'should'?

There was a series on TV recently called ‘Humans’. It was great. 

This is what it was about:

‘In a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a 'Synth' - a highly-developed robotic servant that's so similar to a real human it's transforming the way we live.’

​From the start we learn that some of these robots or synths are different, and have a consciousness.

​One of these conscious synths is talking to a real person, and she talks about something she did and how she should regret it.

The person says ‘Forget should - it’s just do I regret or not’.

I'm stealing that line, it's pure genius!


Unerstanding anger part 2 Using anger for positive change - Jane Travis

Understanding anger part 2: positive change

In Understanding Anger part 1 we looked at what emotions are for, the anger spectrum and what causes anger.

Today, we're going to look at how to use your anger to make positive changes. 

Understanding Anger Part 1 What You Need To Know - Jane Travis

Understanding Anger – What You Need To Know

Understanding anger

Have you noticed how anger's seen as the 'bad' emotion? The black sheep of the emotions family, shunned and only talked about in whispers. 

I'm a massive fan of Pinterest (you are too?  Great, let's connect!) and when I did a search for 'anger', I got a squillion memes and quotes talking about how bad anger is, how to stop being so angry, how pointless it is etc.

We deny experiencing it, we're frightened of it, we fear it, we consider it dangerous and we think it's a waste of time and achieves nothing.

Me? I find anger fascinating. Let me explain...

Self care ideas that take 5 minutes or less - Jane Travis

Self care ideas that take 5 minutes or less

Self care ideas for when you're short on time

If I had a pound for every time I heard 'I don't have time for self care, I'm too busy' I would be - well, maybe not a millionaire, but taking a whole lot more holidays! 

It's one of trio of reasons people give, along with 'I feel selfish/guilty' and 'I don't deserve it'.  All 3 are complete nonsense, of course.  

So here's a list of self care ideas for you to try that take 5 minutes or ​less. Enjoy!

Asking for help - Jane Travis

The quick and dirty recipe for asking for help

The thing about being a people pleaser is - we GIVE help, we don’t ask for it.

Worries about being a burden, being needy, being a nuisance, causing inconvenience stop us dead in our tracks, so our lives consist of on struggling alone, sometimes to the point of making ourselves ill.

But it doesn't have to be like that, you don't have to struggle on alone.  There ​are many people that would only be too happy to help if they knew you needed it, so give them the chance. 

Not sure how?  Well, here's the perfect recipe for asking for help...

Yoga with Adriene a review - Jane Travis

Yoga with Adriene – a review

Yoga With Adriene - a review

Working from home has many amazing benefits:

  • I don't have to set my alarm
  • I don't have to deal with commuting
  • I take breaks when I like
  • I don't have to wear make up!

​But there's one downside I am constantly battling: I don't move much!  I sit at my desk, or with a client, or on the sofa.  My commute is from one room to another, and my poor aching bones have started to complain.

But I've found the perfect solution...​

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